About Actions

Actors need actions. They cannot act moods. They need to be doing something with every line.

That’s where Actions: The Actors’ Thesaurus, comes in. It is a thesaurus of active verbs with which the actor can refine their acting choice until they hit exactly the right action to help make each line come alive.

Who is it for?

Actions: The Actors’ Thesaurus, is for actors of all kinds:
- established professionals and beginners alike
- students or amateur actors
- those with training and those without

It can also be useful for:
- music theatre performers
- actors wrestling with audition speeches
- those who have to breathe life into a one-dimensional
television or radio commercial
- those who have been performing a play for months and
need to reinvigorate their performance

It can also be used by academic students of drama to
deconstruct a script for its sub-textual dynamic.


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