Here are some of the many reviews posted by Amazon readers worldwide – actors, students, teachers and others – whose working processes have been revolutionised by this book.

From Actors

Actions: The Actors’ Thesaurus, is the perfect size to carry around, and I’ve found it invaluable in preparing for auditions as well as fleshing out a role. The juice in this book is in the concept of characterizing a theatrical beat in one action word. Since theater is visual, it is critical for an actor to physically demonstrate the inner workings of the character, and this book is a great jumping-off point… I’ve played four widely different roles since acquiring this book, and consider the hours I’ve spent looking for that perfect “Aha!” word well worthwhile. I’m making much more confident acting choices, and I think my characters are more assured, clearly defined and authentic. Highly recommended!’

‘Even when you have run out of steam, energy and ideas; even when you think that finding an action to play on this line is impossible and you’ve thought about it for hours and hours… here come Maggie and Marina, riding over the brow of the hill like the cavalry, full of the most delicious, particular, cheeky, sparky, whimsical words. All playable. All there in your back pocket (if you’ve any sense). I will never go to work without it.’

From Students

‘As an acting student at a leading UK drama school, this book has been essential to the approach to a piece of text. By following the guidance in this book, I’ve been able to unlock secrets of a scene with such little effort… When you’re struggling or just need to try something new, this book is there to help you out. Please, please, please, do not write off actioning for whatever reason you might have. This book will do wonders for you!’

‘This book was suggested by my current acting coach on the first day of class. After one week I hadn’t gotten it because I know tons of action verbs and I had written my own little booklet about them years ago in college, so I had the info and thought I was fine. Then I realized my current coach is a genius and that this book is invaluable to all actors. I ordered it and I use it all the time. Actions: The Actors’ Thesaurus, plus a dictionary are two books all actors should carry with them every day… I’m so thrilled this book exists! I’ve only had it about a month or so and have merely cracked the surface so I know I’ll be using it a very long time! Well worth the price no matter what you pay for it!’

From Teachers

‘I’m an acting teacher in the theatre department at a university. I’ve found one of the biggest problems for actors was naming their goal/objective/victory – whatever you want to call it – and coming up with tactics that were compelling and actable. This book offers a goldmine of ideas for actors. Now, hopefully, they can move on from “convince” and “avoid”!’

‘I order this book in bulk for all of my students. I don’t leave my office without one in my back pocket. No matter what the exercise, being able to instantly tap into the world of words this text offers is invaluable. I can’t emphasise how often I reference this little, simple book.’

From Writers

‘Not just for actors, this little book is a wonderful aid for writers and a fun browse for anyone who loves words. Want a synonym for an active verb? Have a look in here – and I defy anyone to put it down after they’ve found what they need. Cast your eye down any page and get drawn into these wonderful strings of words.’

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